Is Your Web Design Hurting Your Business?

Is Your Web Design Hurting Your Business

When someone wants to know about your business, the first place they’ll go is your website. Did you know that 75% of people judge your company’s credibility just by viewing your site? That means if your site looks like this

You’re losing around 75% of your clients to sites that look like this

Web design is a tricky business, but as a professional marketing company, WTP Media is here to help. Let’s take a look at how bad web design can be harmful to your business and which design attributes you’ll find on a high-quality website.

People Judge Your Company by How Your Website Looks

A potential customer’s first impression of your website determines whether they will do business with you or your competitors.

To save yourself from losing customers, try to think like a client. When someone lands on your website, here are a couple of quick things people will subconsciously ask:

  • Is there a simple one-color background or a video backdrop?
  • Is the layout clean and crisp?
  • Is it easy to read?
  • Do the graphics pop or do they look like they’re still in development?
  • Does a logo appear on the browser webpage?
  • Are the services offered easy to find and access?
  • Is the phone number prominent?
  • Is there a simple contact button?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, then consider it a red flag.

The above questions can help you figure out what needs to change on your website so it can attract prospective clients.

At WTP Media, we understand that our clients lead busy professional lives, and you don’t always have time to update your website. This is why we offer a wide variety of web services such as SEO, web design, blog management, and more.

We can help your company thrive through effective internet marketing because we know this field like yours. We’d never try to work in your industry just like you wouldn’t want to perform a website revamp.

Is Your Web Design Responsive on Mobile Devices?

How is your mobile website?

At the end of 2019, over 63% of global internet usage was done by smartphones.

Think about that. Now think about your website on mobile. Does it load properly, or is it clunky and hard to operate?

Google reported that 61% of people will not return to a mobile site that wasn’t easy to use. What’s more, 40% of them will just find a competitor’s site that works better.

We’ll ask you again… how is your mobile site?

On top of a visually appealing layout and an easy-to-operate navigation system, response time is also vital. You may have heard the expression, “People want everything in 2 seconds,” and well, this is actually kind of true. 47% of people expect a webpage to load in under 2 seconds.

This includes your mobile site.

If it doesn’t load in time, you could lose up to 88% of the traffic that came to your site.

So, a final time… how is your mobile site?

Web Design Requirements for a Successful Business Website

When it comes to designing your website, feel free to use this checklist. Whether we design your website or you try to do it yourself, this checklist is useful to make sure your current and future clients get the most out of it.

Modern Design and Branding Elements

A strong business web design creates a great first impression during the first 0.05 seconds of someone landing on your site.

User-friendly Navigation

User-friendly navigation makes things easier to find for your potential client. Websites that lack user-friendly navigation leave a terrible taste in customers’ mouths.

Prominently Listed Phone Number

Having your company’s phone number in an accessible and visible location makes contacting your business even easier. We recommend placing your phone number at the top of your homepage and also at the bottom. Clients should be able to click-to-call.

Mobile Responsive

Don’t be one of the websites that have a poor mobile website. If you want your business to shine, you need a strong, fast, and easy to use mobile site.

High-Quality Photos

Up-to-date photos are a great way to speak to potential clients and maintain their interest while online. These photos should be high quality, properly color corrected, and placed properly.

Accreditations and Memberships

Any accreditations and memberships you or your business have should be displayed because they can quickly give validation. You don’t have to go overboard in their size or positioning, though. Make them present, but not in your clients’ faces.

Ready to Upgrade Your Website?

At WTP Media, we take pride in helping businesses like yours build an amazing website that ranks high in Google’s search results. If you are interested in our web design services, feel free to give us a call at (877) 658-1473 or check out our free web design consultation.