Why Is Video Important in Social Media Marketing?

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According to a study by Cisco, video is projected to make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by the year 2022. As it stands, the vast majority of consumers watch videos on social media multiple times a week. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate video content in your business’s social media strategy so you can stay ahead of the curve.
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Video Helps Set Goals

What is your motivation for creating videos? Is it to gain clients, spark brand awareness, or give your current customers more knowledgeable material?

Your answer can be all of the above, but it’s important to create concrete goals for your company’s brand videos before you ever start filming.

These goals help you stay on track and also help youproperly evaluate the success of your videos.

Video Is Sharable

Retweets, shares, likes, and all the like are all ways people can engage with your video. But the platform you decide to post your video on will determine how you should optimize it.

When marketing on a social media platform, keep in mind that Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and so on all have different video optimization preferences.

Our video marketing team recommends keeping the following statistics in mind:

  • Facebook: Videos posted to Facebook should be under 2 minutes. Ideally, you should include a mix of longer videos and shorter videos to see which work best for your audience, then adjust your content strategy from there.
  • Instagram: On Instagram, the limit for a video is 60 seconds, so shorter videos are better. Instagram videos are also best when accompanied by fun add-ons provided by the platform.
  • Twitter: The time limit for Twitter videos is even lower than Instagram’s: just 30 seconds. Being time conscious is key. People often provide a link to their full video in the same tweet in which they post a portion of their video.
  • LinkedIn: While LinkedIn videos can be up to 10 minutes long, the videos that are watched most tend to fall between 30 seconds and five minutes.
  • YouTube: There isn’t really a cap to the length of a video here, but try to keep your audience in mind. If you can properly explain something in one minute, do so.

While you might be able to use shorter videos across multiple platforms, in many cases you need to edit a different type of video for each. Trial and error will show you the types of video content your audience wants to interact with most.

Good Video Provides a Call to Action

While videos are great for social media engagement, they’re not worth much if they don’t encourage people to continue checking out your business.

Directing viewers to further explore your website or schedule a consultation right then and there is one of the best ways to grow your business.
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Social media audiences have a short attention span, which is why you’ll need to be direct about what you want your viewers to do by using a call to action such as a:

  • Learn more button
  • Schedule a consultation button
  • Creative link or icon that goes to similar information
  • On-deck queue to play another video
  • Prompt that encourages people to visit your website for more information

You Should Track Video Analytics

Every audience is different, and you won’t know what yours wants to see until you try.

Pay attention to video analytics to see what’s working and why.

Which videos receive the most likes? Which ones are being shared? Are people clicking through to your website after watching your videos, or do they stay on the social media platform?

Maybe your potential clients prefer short how-to videos, or maybe your particular business is best suited by longer, more in-depth tutorial videos.

Monitoring analytics will allow you to make more informed decisions about the video content you need in the future.

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